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Where the deep blue sea embraces the green of the mountains. Five kilometers from the capital of the island Limenas, lies Villa Victoria. Overlooking the sea, ten spacious, fully furnished apartments with air conditioning, TV and Internet (WiFi) are waitinig to welcome for a wonderful accomodation on the island of Thasos! Starting from your apartment in Villa Victoria you can enjoy the beautiful mountain trails, or swimming and even fishing by the sea…

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This hotel offers you everything you need! Daily cleaning! Located above the beach! Private beach! Provides all the conditions to feel perfect!


It was a fantastic trip! We will come again!


I stayed 2 years in a row in this villa. It is clean, beautifully arranged, well maintained. The staff is friendly and ready to help.

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Η ασύγκριτη γοητεία του βορειότερου νησιού του Αιγαίου αποδίδεται χαρακτηριστικά στην προσωνυμία του: το Σμαράγδι! Όμως, δεν είναι μόνο …
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